Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Everyone Loves to Dance

A happy Hanukah, Christmas, and new year to everyone! I'm back from an Internet-less trip to Idaho (even my Blackberry died!) and am ready to catch up on what's been happening over the past couple weeks. I've been writing a fair amount about music lately, and it looks like 2010 will be an even busier year than 2009, at least if the number of announcements and press releases I receive is any indicator (and of course my own email must be a good barometer of the state of the industry!). Unfortunately my own professional obligations have picked up lately and won't allow me to write in as much detail as I'd like about each of these (i.e. full reviews), but here's at least one new album that folks should be aware of.

It's "Everyone Loves to Dance," the sophomore album by L.A.-based musician and educator Aaron Nigel Smith, who you may have seen featured on several episodes of the last season of Between the Lions. It will be officially released in just a few days (Amazon UK says it's today in that area) and adds another flavor to the group of discs I've mentioned lately, this time of the Caribbean variety. The music that I've heard online has a good mix of rock and other genres, but the guest artists are probably a good indicator of what all's in store on the final album, and they include Ziggy Marley, Kevin Ricardson, DJ Drez, and Junior Rhythm from Rhythm Child. Anyone who can get Ziggy Marley to play along making music for kids is definitely worth listening to, and you can do that by giving his album a preview at his Jango music channel here. And of course the best resource on his work in general is his own website.

Also be aware that the live Between the Lions show is touring around to different markets and that Smith is currently a part of that, coming to New York the end of this month and thus getting his year off to a busy start (again, other performances are noted on his site). I look forward to hearing more from him and all the other musicians busy getting their work out this year. Best of luck!

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