Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Study on Children's Books and Bookstores

A few days ago Publishers' Weekly had a good article about a new study on youth reading and book-purchasing habits. It's a very interesting short little read, with some expected information and some surprising findings, such as that teenagers rate reading books as their third favorite leisure activity and that over 80% of them don't read ebooks. Interesting.

Friday, January 14, 2011

BAMkids Festival in February

Just a quick note that the schedule for the BAMkids Film Festival in Brooklyn is up and available. It's a great event--looks like an excellent line-up this year--that's happening the first weekend in February. Check it out and if you're at all able it's a great event with shows for kids of all ages.

And speaking of events in New York, check out my post on my other blog about the reopening of the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens; it's a great venue for kids and adults alike, and the new floor space and exhibits will just make it that much better.