Thursday, July 16, 2009

Original Transformers DVDs

I confess to not having seen either of Michael Bay's films yet--I suppose one day I will, after I work through the entire Roberto Rossellini Eclipse series--but I am the world's greatest connoisseur of the original Transformers cartoons. Now, piggybacking on the success of the films and in celebration of the series' twenty-fifth anniversary, two DVD collector sets are in the works.

Ah, the good old days, when Optimus Prime actually still looked like a semi truck in his robot mode...

Here is an April 21 article by Emily Claire Afan of KidScreen. The first DVD set was released in mid-June, with the second, more robust, version still forthcoming or just hitting the shelves now:

"Transformers fans will be able to get their DVD fix soon, as Hasbro and Shout! Factory have entered production on The Transformers: The Complete First Season 25th Anniversary Edition DVD box set, slated for a June 16 release.

"The set (SRP US$29.99) features all eps from season one of the original 1980s series, with remastered audio, bonus content and is packaged with a collectible Autobots magnet.

"Also in development is the 16-DVD The Transformers: 25th Anniversary "Matrix of Leadership" Edition Collector's Set (SRP US$29.99), with more than 38 hours of content, including the entire original animated G1 series, extras and special collectible book, slated for a mid-July release."

There's more info at the Shout! Factory website, plus something about a G.I. Joe collectors' set as well...  Or you can buy the thing--for a mere $15!--at Amazon.

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