Monday, February 23, 2009

Curious George Box Set

It is my understanding that Curious George is the top-rated preschool television show on the air in the United States, including all time slots and cable, network, and public television stations. It's a production of WGBH in Boston and can in a way be considered the foremost program from one of the country's top producers of children's television. The good news is that two weeks ago PBS/Universal Studios released a box set of four previously released DVDs, totaling 420 minutes of material. The included titles are Zoo Night and Other Animal Stories, Plays in the Snow and Other Awesome Activities, Takes a Job and More Monkey Business, and Rocket Ride and Other Adventures. The show has a really strong science curriculum and has maintained much of the charm of the original books--the charm is slightly different, I admit, particularly as the modern George is a bit less of a rapscallion, but it is definitely charming nonetheless. And that is true for parents familiar with the original and kids encountering George for the first time; in fact, a reverse introduction is completely possible, going from the series back to the original Rey books. 

The best news is the box set's price, which at the moment is $34 on amazon. For thirty-two episodes that's not bad at all.

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