Monday, October 12, 2009

WordWorld's iPhone App

I'm still trying to catch up on all my emails and blog post topics, but here's a note I received from the good folks at WordWorld clear back on September 24. Enjoy!

"It's time to Build-a-Word! WordWorld is thrilled to announce our first iPhone application, now available in Apple's iTunes store.

"Children will watch spellbound as the letters D-O-G transform into Dog and a lovable WordFriend from the PBS series WordWorld jumps to life. Words magically "morph" into animated WordFriends DOG, DUCK, PIG, ANT, FROG, SHEEP, BUG, COW, CAT and BEE and engage children to spell and read.

"This application is based on the Emmy Award-winning PBS television show. WordWorld has been demonstrated by a Department of Education-funded study to improve early literacy skills including: print awareness, letter knowledge and comprehension."

The app costs $3 and can be found through the iTunes store or through a link on the show's website. Episodes are also available for purchase.  

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