Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Man Behind the Moose

In my Readeez post I mentioned Moose A. Moose, which got me thinking more about Noggin's yellow mascot. I like host characters--Piper Possum, Ooh and Aah, etc.--and kind of feel bad that we didn't have any when I was growing up (we had a Saturday morning jingle with different accompanying animation: "After these messages we'll be . . . right back!"). So I'd like to know more about these fellows. That said, I don't know who the production company of Moose A. Moose and Zee is. I should find that out, but I can tell you that his voice is provided by Canadian actor Paul Christie. (This leads me to believe that Canada, a powerhouse in children's television production, is involved in the images/animation as well.) Moose A. Moose may be Christie's best-known character here in the United States, but you can check out his head shots, resume, and some of his grown-up work, mostly for television, on his website.

I like the curriculum, shapes and puzzles and social development. Loretta's old enough--five today--that she's moving past it, but she definitely knows some advanced shapes such as octagons that I didn't know at her age. 

And the music is great. I think "Everywhere I Go" is probably the character's most popular song: at least I seem to have seen it for the longest, while others, attached to monthly themes, have come and gone. Loretta and I also really like the "Neighborhood Parade," however, and for quirky Halloween songs I don't think you could have done better than "I Don't Like Candy Corn."

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